Ipl matchs fixed or not? Full details

The legendary ipl is on their top opportunities and his popularity but sometimes a thought is came to our mind that ipl matchs is fixed or not and This is the most asked question for everyone. So what’s the answer is ipl fixed or not. For this question we need to talk about some points for right answer

Ipl match fixing

Ipl matchs fixed history

If we talk about ipl matchs fixed history we get that there is not a single match is fixed in past ipl matchs history because in past ipl matchs we did not get that any of the ipl match is fixed and not single case of ipl matchs fixed so ipl past is secured and not a single match fixed

Ipl players fixing history

There is different case is that ipl’s some players are catched doing fixing in past and for doing fixing they were fasing ban from bcci that they do not play any of the international or ipl matchs in his lifetime because their were doing fixing in ipl match.

But for that reason there is not that ipl is fixed because the players were doing fixing not Teams and the strong reason is that ipl is not fixed because if ipl fixed they do not do ban for fixers players.

Is ipl fixed by ambani family

Some of people think that ipl fixed by ambani family but this is not true because ipl is running by bcci and bcci is worlds mot richest cricket board so they did not do ipl fixed for money so that rumors is that ipl is fixed by ambani family is not true

Ipl match fixing

Are ipl matchs scripted

no this news is that ipl matchs is scripted is not true because ipl is a live game and live games are real-time playing games and this is not true that ipl matchs is scripted and the matches were fixed before play So just watch your favorite team matchs and forget about this fake news

Why ipl is not fixed

There is my conclusion is that ipl is not fixed and its a fairly playing game and you need to forget about that ipl matchs is scripted or fixed. Thre is not a chance is that ipl can be fixen because their is a separate team behind the ipl matchs and they were just doing yours job very seriously and there is not a chance is that ipl can be fixed or scripted.


you need to Just do support your team and just watche the greatest league of cricket and enjoy your time just forget about that ipl is fixed or not it can not be fixed so just chill.

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