Why ipl 2019 Will not held in india? Full details

The indias biggest and most awaiting cricket Leagueis about to be begain but sometimes is not likely heppen that ipl 2019 will be not held in india and this tournament is play in uae or South Africa so from this time that news comes and gave a big disappointment to the ipl fans.

But main question is that why ipl 2019 is not held in india so this question’s answer is that because of the country election in somewhere around ipl schedule so bcci is told that if election date were disclose we will be disclose our ipl schedule and venues for ipl 2019

Will ipl 2019 heppen in india!?

So the answer of this question is that it possibly will might not happen in india because of the election and in election it infect the ipl securities and this thing is not neglect for ipl players so because of the security issues ipl will be not happening in india and we know that this news is more important to us because we want to see the our favorite players play for his team and if ipl not happen in india we did not support our team that we likely to do support our favorite ipl team.

When ipl 2019 start?

So the letest rumers says that ipl will start on 29th march and it will be end on 19th may and the bcci till not declared that where they do ipl 2019 india, uae or South Africa but as shown that our election were coming so its great chance that the ipl season 12 will be happening in out of india so sad.

Ipl 2019 in which country?

That’s decision is much harder because is that bcci will do ipl in uae or South Africa or uae its dipends on condition and bcci decision to fo ipl season 12 in uae or South Africa its just on bcci and i think bcci will choose uae first ahed of South Africa to do ipl’s season 12.

Pitch conditions out side india

the pitch conditions were some different if we compared from in indian pitchs. Out side india pitchs are fast and run scoring and this will be a great for ipl 2019 because if ipl will plays outside india the ipl matchs will high scoring and the matchs will more competitive and interesting so if if ipl 2019 will held in outside india the matchs wete more high scoring amd interesting.

5 big changes in ipl 2019

First is that Yuvraj Singh is just sold from 1 crore by Mumbai Indians and as we know that yuvraj singh is the biggest bid player in ipl of all time and this time Mumbai Indians was buy yuvraj singh from just 1crore.

and second is that in ipl 2019 legend Gotham Gambhir is not playing ipl in this year because Gotham did not participate in ipl 2019 and this was the most disappointed For gotham fans.

and next change in ipl season 12 is that Delhi daredevils change his name and logo and Delhi daredevils new name is Delhi capitals.

and in this year bcci announce that all ipl teams were retained all maximum players in ipl 2019 for last year price. So that is big change in ipl 2019

And last from my side is that in this year ipl David Warner and Steve Smith is now play ipl 2019 because they facing one year ban from icc for ball tempering and this ban will end before 2019 ipl so they both will play ipl 2019

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